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Modern management often calls for concentrating efforts on core activities and outsourcing other activities to external specialists.

Almeida Advogados understands this trend, and offers expert legal advice on how best to manage these relationships.


Whereas some companies manufacture products, others sell services. When those services are not deemed essential to a company’s operations, they are often outsourced (examples include cleaning, maintenance, transportation, reception and customer care) in order to save money.

As competition increases in the globalized economy, this outsourcing trend has taken hold because companies have discovered greater gains by concentrating on their main activities and outsourcing ancillary services.

The service sector makes up an important part of all modern economies, and calls for adherence to legal norms and rules. For example, service companies must make sure to receive the proper authorizations before operating in a specific market. Also, because services result from workers’ output, often times service companies face labor and employment issues.

Almeida Advogados has years of experience in representing service companies to reach their potential while reducing their liabilities.