Almeida Advogados

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Innovation, creativity, transparency and focus in meeting our clients’ needs

Our firm’s members maintain clear and open communication with clients in order to foster and maintain ongoing relationships, all the while exceeding client expectations.


Almeida Advogados prides itself on innovation, creativity, transparency and focus in meeting our clients’ needs. We seek to understand the nuances of our clients’ businesses, while providing solutions that are relevant, innovative and transparent.

We understand our role as minimizing risks and maximizing clients’ return on their operations. This synergy works best when the lawyer is familiar not only with the industry, but also with the specific client’s business itself.

Clients performing in several industries:

  •  Agribusiness
  •  Air Transportation
  •  Associations and Unions
  •  Beverages
  •  Civil Construction and Engineering 
  •  Commodities
  •  Communications
  •  Electric Power
  •  Fertilizers
  •  Financial Market
  •  Foods
  •  Garment
  •  Information Technology
  •  Insurance and Private Pension Funds
  •  Internet
  •  Logistics 
  •  Marketing and Advertising
  •  Media
  •  Medical and Health
  •  Oil and Gas
  •  Paper and Cellulose
  •  Pharmaceutical and Chemical
  •  Publishing Houses
  •  Real Estate Development
  •  Steel Industry
  •  Technology
  •  Trade
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Tourism
  •  Utility Companies